Strings Programme

Playing the violin is an important part of Steiner Education. Here’s why!

There are many reasons why strings are a part of the Steiner curriculum. They provide an emotional outlet, give the students the opportunity to feel the music in their own bodies, provide excellent  brain development, problem solve, encourage self-discipline and problem solving. In addition to all of that, strings provide the opportunity to be a part of an ensemble, working and striving together to create something beautiful. Strings are worth the work!

Strings also offer unique developmental opportunities as so many things are required of the student at the same time. The student must move the fingers of the left hand independently and in completely different motions from their right hand, not to mention at different speeds. Not only that, but the students are regularly crossing their midline as they play, which has great benefits for brain development.

All students at Golden Hill Steiner School learn to play Violin from Class 3. As they progress they can choose to play Cello as well.

Students are taught in small groups that are held every week. Lessons cover technique and repertoire, and children are encouraged to practise at home to progress.

The tuition is included in the school fees and instruments can be hired from school. The school offers a strings ensemble and rehearsals are conducted weekly during school hours.

Benefits of Strings training for children are well researched and include focused concentration, increased mental health and social/emotional enhancement.