At Golden Hill the celebration of the seasonal festivals is an enriching part of the school's cultural and brings awareness to the children of the rhythms of nature and the world around them.  The Autumn festival, the Winter festival, and the Spring festival are celebrated with community events, songs, poems, dance, stories and food.  Each celebration has space for wonder, gratitude and joyful participation and builds a stronger connection with nature.

The Autumn Festival sees a bountiful gathering of mother nature's treasures as we move into the cooler months.  The Winter Festival incorporates beautiful lanterns that the children have prepared and decorated.  These are carried through the darkness to a candle-lit spiral, lighting the way out of the darkness to the warmer summer months.  The Spring Festival is celebrated with colour and dancing and sees the children weaving wreaths of delicate flowers to wear in their hair.  The whole school community participates as the Class 3 children dance and weave colourful ribbons around the Maypole.