Early Childhood

Our Playgroup programs and Kindergarten, as with all Waldorf/Steiner Kindergartens worldwide, is an artistically shaped free space, a warm environment providing the setting for what the imaginative play of the child demands. We provide a variety of treasures from nature as well as simple playthings made from natural materials for free play. The more unfinished the toy, the more the child will bring to complete it with his/her imagination. A child’s play is an activity demanding his/her full, serious attention. Through this activity a child develops many skills required for future learning.

We do not disturb children in their sacred realm of childhood where out of respect and reverence we allow them the freedom to play undisturbed. When necessary the teacher or assistant will guide or re-direct a child, often by having the child work alongside her until the child is calmer and more focused. In the Kindergarten the adults work, cook meals, make bread, clean the room, care for the garden, sew and knit. The children observe the work and begin to join in the tasks and activities, learning through observation, play and imitation.

The Kindergarten caters for 4, 5 and 6 year olds in an environment that allows the children to learn through imitation and with activities that highlight the creative and skillful, truth and beauty. We begin structured Kindergarten sessions in the year in which the child turns 4 (December birthdays wait till the year in which they turn 5). The 4 year old’s attend 2 full-day sessions per week.

We run a mixed-age Kindergarten, in which four, five and six year olds progress through a play-based curriculum with indoor and outdoor play, story time, singing, movement activities and craft. The five year olds generally attend three days a week, while the six year olds attend five full days per week.

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Photographs taken at Golden Hill Steiner School. Photo credit: Nic Duncan - Photographer