Thank You and Farewell

As the school year draws to a close, our thoughts turn to those who will be leaving us. Ben McKenzie has taught our senior class since the beginning of 2011. Ben has been an inspiration to his students, and has shared many gifts to enrich the curriculum, particularly in the areas of music and drama. His class production of “Le Petit Prince” earlier this year was testament to his skills in this area. The classes have also produced outstanding artwork, and enjoyed many excursions and camps, in addition to the rigorous academic work . Ben, you have truly put your heart and soul into the demanding task of teaching, and we are so grateful for your two years of dedication. For the next chapter of his journey, Ben will be heading to New York! We wish you so many adventures in the “Big Apple”,  our thoughts and good wishes go with you.

Yvonne Suares, our Class One teacher for 2012 will also be leaving, to be closer to family. Yvonne has given the children a wonderful strong beginning to their formal education, they truly demonstrate the joys of learning. In addition, she has gifted the school with the benefits of her administrative background in the areas of finance, employment, and re-registration. She has also been instrumental in securing, and administering funds through the “Empowering Local Schools” programme. Yvonne, in your year with us, you have achieved so much, and supported Golden Hill’s ongoing development as well as being dedicated to your class, and we are deeply grateful. Yvonne will be teaching a group of lucky Class Ones at Perth Waldorf School next year, and we wish her all the best in her new position.

Mary-Lou Small took on the task of teaching Class Two/Three after Rebecca’s passing, and has worked hard to produce the play which Rebecca had chosen, “Esther, Star of Persia”, and to hold the class in this very difficult time, involving many hours of extra work. Christine Blamey has been their teacher on Fridays. We thank both of you so much for stepping into this role, and supporting the class through the process of loss and grieving.

With our deepest gratitude and best wishes to you all

College of Teachers


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