A letter to The School Community

As we look around the school we see much to be grateful for. A lot of hard work over the 25 years since our humble beginnings with a small group of 4 yr olds has led our beautiful School to the brink of a maturing phase with two playgroups, 4yr and 5/6yr kindergartens and a primary school of over 65 children.

 With this ripening has come a need to evolve the School’s management and governance structure; in particular to address a legislative need to separate administrative and governance roles.  It is therefore generally agreed that the School would benefit from a new leadership position of School Coordinator (SC).

 Over recent weeks a comprehensive duty statement has been drafted and accepted by the School Council and College of Teachers. This document reflects a range of objectives which, over time, will see our School positioned towards a new growth phase. This will be an exciting development out of which we can expect a fuller and more effective Steiner schooling for our children.

 We envisage the School Coordinator role as one of collaborative leadership in which the educational support of teachers and the School generally are drawn together under a single person. As a part of the College of Teachers, the SC will be responsible to the School Council in addressing general education and administrative matters across the School. The role will also encompass such duties as marketing, parent education and grievance resolution.

 These changes will be reflected in amendments to the GHSS Inc. Constitution and in due course a General Meeting will be called to ask for the Community’s support.

 In 2013 we envisage the SC to also engage in Class 6/7 teaching duties. This has a benefit in allowing the SC to gain insight into our current community and its practices as a platform towards restructure.

 We are currently advertising the position and hope the School Coordinator will commence later this year or early in the new school year. This is a really exciting idea that

 Chris Robins Chairperson for the School Council


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