A Heartfelt Thankyou

Sunday, 4th November was an occasion for sadness,laughter and memories shared with open hearts, tears and hugs, flowers and candles, a celebration of the life of Rebecca made possible by a small group of people coming together to plan the day, and a large number of people who attended. Gratitude to Silvia Lehmann who co-ordinated the memorial, and worked very hard to plan and bring all the elements together, to Lydia and Conrad Kenyon who put together the invitations and booklet, to Annette Carmichael, who choreographed and danced a very moving piece to Regi’s soulful recorder, to the Qi Gong group, led by Jim Underwood, who grounded everyone, to Reverend Karen Urquart, who led the service,to Jude Iddison,and her amazing violin students who performed so beautifully, and Ben McKenzie who accompanied on guitar, to Mary-Lou and Christine for their recitation of Rudolf Steiner’s verses, Jim Underwood for delivering the eulogy, to Corrisande for  making a large number of candles available at short notice, and the parents and friends who provided morning tea, and sent along photographs for the display and flowers too. Thanks also to Belinda Chappell and Zdenka Underwood, and Sabine Blankner for all their hard work too.

Silvia created two lovely books for memories of Rebecca, and each of them still has lots of blank pages. We invite those who haven’t already done so, to add to these books, either by coming into the office, or sending in pieces which can be glued in. Suggestions include; poetry, reflections, artwork, photographs etc

There are plans to create a memorial garden for Rebecca in the place where the flower mandala was created, and this will be part of the overall landscaping plan for the hall. Rebecca loved gardens and moments of stillness and contemplation so this will be an apt way to honour her memory.

Best wishes and gratitude,


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