Neal Collins

Golden Hill Steiner School gardening teacher

Gardening Teacher

I have been teaching Biodynamic Gardening at the GHSS since 2008. Having been involved in organic and biodynamic gardening for over 20 years, teaching at the school represents an opportunity to inspire young people in growing and preparing healthy food.

Because Biodynamic Gardening involves a holistic approach, it suits the wide imagination of young people. I have many parents volunteer their help during garden classes, and they too become inspired and come away with ideas to implement in their own gardens. The children look forward to their classes each week; to getting dirty hands, playing with worms and learning about the natural world around them.
Each week is full of suprises. Digging for potatoes is like finding treasure!

In this age of technology, it’s great to see children so full of enthusiasm about being in the garden.

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