Jude Iddison

Jude Iddison

Violin Teacher

I started playing Suzuki violin in Perth when I was 5. After many years of practice I became the leader of the WA Youth Orchestra, attended the WA Conservatorium of Music and became a casual member of the WA Symphony Orchestra. In 1994 I moved to the pristine Denmark /Albany region to raise my young family.

My teaching at Golden Hill Steiner School began in 2004 where I had 4 students and taught in the sports storeroom!! With the support of the school and its belief in music being a valuable part of education, the Steiner violin programme grew rapidly and now allows all children from Class 3 to Class 7 to experience the joy of playing the violin in group lessons and in elected private lessons.

I am very grateful to be able to play the violin with children who have such a deep grounding in music through their education at school and at home. To make music outside in the beautiful school grounds (weather permitting!) is a joy indeed.

I enjoy playing many different types of music on the violin including classical, fiddle tunes and gypsy jazz and play in a variety of ensembles including The Albany Chamber Orchestra and Heartstrings Jazz Trio. In 2005 I formed The Denmark Fiddlers as a way of making playing the violin fun and giving the children performance opportunities in their community.

I really enjoy collaborating with other musicians, considering them my greatest teachers.

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