From the School Coordinator

First, thank you all for the happy smiles when greeting me – you have been a wonderful community to enter and I look forward to talking with all of you at some stage.  I can say that since the school is still small enough for me to be able to (slowly) learn everybody’s names.

It has been said several times that the school has a very different feel about it this year and part of that is because of the wonderful number of new enrolments.  Several rooms are at or almost at full capacity and the school has welcomed some new, vibrant talent in Chrystal Rogers and Ingrid Weekes.  All three of us felt honoured to be welcomed onto your patch on the first day of school and we acknowledge the responsibilities we take on by coming here to respect you all and your cultures.

Another part to the fresh feel of the school is that everyone worked very hard last year to set the school on a strong and sustainable foundation.  I have heard that some of this was accompanied by vigorous debate and I thank all of you involved for participating, because you clearly had the intention of working in the school’s best interests.  This year it is my role to be a listening ear to any concerns you may have and you are welcome to make an appointment at the school office to see me outside main lesson time.  Please note that I am not authorised to act outside the statements summarising the good habits of the school (i.e. its policies and procedures) and I am certainly not a miracle worker. 

Because the school has come through the last couple of years with a small surplus, it has also been able to freshen some of the administrative side too.  The bursar, Maggie Wake has moved into the old school shop so that she can get on with her work.  By the time you read this, the school should have had a PABX system installed so that there are now two direct lines into the office with four or five phones connected to it. The school is also on the verge of issuing new email addresses with the suffix  This will allow all the teachers to have their own work email address and be more able to separate school life from home life. 

Finally, at this moment when there appears to be that fresh impetus, Council is very keen to help the school develop a clear and unified direction.  Over the next few months it will be working with an organisational psychologist who works out of Anthroposophy to establish a sustainable annual plan process.  You will all be invited to be a part of appropriate parts of that process and we all hope that you will make the effort  to make that a positive and useful rebuilding of the communal spirit that has kept this school alive for so long. To finish with a Maori proverb: “What is really precious in this life? It is the people, the people, the people!”

 Robert Gillman

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