Theda Mansholt

My involvement with Steiner education began when 30 years ago I found a small group of people with a big vision running a small Steiner inspired kindergarten. With my then 3 year old I began our involvement in what became Perth Waldorf School. Eight years later I joined a similar group of enthusiastic pioneering parents and teachers in Denmark in the early days of The Golden Hill Steiner School. What inspired me was the passionate, creative, worldwide network of educators who gave their time to support these fledgling impulses. The rich curriculum they spoke of fascinated me. Later through my own children’s schooling and working as a class assistant I experienced the benefits of this holistic way of learning. Through attending weekly playgroup sessions for many years with my four children I had experienced the benefits of bringing rhythm into my family life with songs, verses and storytelling. We had the joy of being part of a community in which seasonal festivals are celebrated. This led to me becoming a playgroup leader in our Peppermint Cottage. My other involvement in the school is as “The Extra lesson” practitioner. I completed the training in Perth in 2005 and ever since the Golden Hill School has offered this unique movement program to children with learning and developmental difficulties, free of charge. (See ;I love working one on one with the children.

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