Clare Jones

Kindy Assistant

Karri Kindergarten Education Assistant

I have been involved with Golden Hill school for the last 9 years in various capacities. I started out as an active parent, new to Australia, and became a member of the council and served as the chairperson for a number of years. Later I became the playgroup leader and the kindergarten assistant.
I first encountered the Steiner philosophy when I was 18, many years ago, on an intellectual level, it was only when I visited a Waldorf school in South Africa that I felt its impact on the emotional/soul level. I felt at home, it was a profoundly nurturing feeling, I felt like I could breathe. The beauty of the buildings and the way art lived alongside the academic pursuits seemed so right. That was the beginning of the journey. Since then my family and I have lived in a Camphill village in England and learnt a lot more about anthroposophy in practice. I particularly find the Steiner education system inspiring as it embraces mind, body and soul and so addresses all the needs of our growing children.

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