Christine Blamey


Class One Teacher

I came to Steiner education late last century when a friend and colleague suggested I might be stirred on reading a text written by Rudolph Steiner. My journey with Steiner education is filled with many fruitful discussions. I resonated with the curriculum as it focussed on meeting the child when its developmental milestones were appropriate.
I began visiting other Waldorf school Festivals where I delighted in the joy seen of the children’s faces as they performed for their families and friends. I visited their rooms and felt overwhelmed at their beauty.
I began an online course of study which gave me a strengthened background in anthroposophy. I attended talks and meetings on Steiner education and parenting at Perth Waldorf School. I resolved to teach in a Steiner school
I came to Golden Hill Steiner School in 2006 as a class one teacher. I attended formal training courses for the next number of years working with other aspects of Steiner Education and its curriculum. I reflected on working out of the light of anthroposophy.
In 2011 I walked alongside pre kindergarten children and deepened my understanding of a child’s first years. This year I have returned to Class One with a deepened knowing. Each step with the children teaches me about life and my response to the learning we share.

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