Main Class Teachers

Christine Blamey

Class One Teacher I came to Steiner education late last century when a friend and colleague suggested I might be stirred on reading a text written by Rudolph Steiner. My journey with Steiner education is filled with many fruitful discussions. I resonated with the curriculum… Continue reading

Elise Everett

Class 1 Teacher As a child I was blessed to be very academically able, especially in literacy, and loved playing in nature, singing and doing my homework. I was reading fluently and winning writing and other contests, but despite all this, there was something deeply… Continue reading

Chrystal Rogers

Golden Hill Steiner School Teacher

Class 5 Teacher I graduated from Taruna College, New Zealand, in 2012, and while I was researching Steiner schools in Australia, I happened upon Golden Hill. I was awe inspired by the beauty of the school, and was lucky enough to be appointed as the… Continue reading

Alexander Grace and Emily Grace

Tandem Class 6 Teachers My name is Alex and I started teaching at Golden Hill in 2014. I have always been involved in alternative education, previously working in Montessori schools. I have long been fascinated by the artistic approach to education employed by Steiner Schools… Continue reading