Denise Bullen

Karri Kindergarten Teacher (Long Service Leave 2015)

I have been with Golden Hill since 2000, first as a parent when my two boys began in kindergarten with the then teacher, Patricia Dougall. Upon first entering the kindergarten I was immediately attracted to the beauty and simplicity of the room, with soft colours, gentle light, and the warmth of natural materials.I was teaching in a state school pre-primary at that time, and the more I saw of Karri Kindergarten, and what this very special place had to offer my boys, the more I knew that I needed to teach in a Steiner school.I became the Kindergarten Teacher at Golden Hill in 2005, inheriting from the previous teacher her passion for Steiner education, along with her vase that sits on the story table, and is filled with fresh flowers each week.Something about the Steiner Philosophy that makes me feels supported and inspired as a teacher is that we are working with the spiritual, as well as the physical being, of each child in our care, and as such, have guidance and support from higher realms.I enjoy working with the other teachers in a College and feeling I can trust in them, and count on their support.Everyday I am amazed how forgiving, accepting and loving the students can be. The parents always amaze me too, how much help and support they offer, even when their home lives are incredibly busy.I feel truly blessed to work in the beautiful environment of Golden Hill every day and privileged to have the opportunity to watch those children in my care grow and blossom through the kindergarten years.

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