Sophia Sharpe

Silver Birch Kindergarten Assistant

I came to Denmark in late 2003 with my 16 month old daughter. My second daughter was born 4 months later in the old hospital. What a joy and blessing it has been to raise my girls in this beautiful environment.

My first taste of Steiner Education came when I began Playgroup with my girls. Instantly it felt welcoming, with a sense of structure, and a warmth within. As we progressed through the Kindy, I learnt more and more about this wonderful education. There has never been any doubt or anxiety as to it being the right education, just an inner knowing that it makes sense.

My girls, now in the Primary classes, have flourished under the guidance of wonderful teachers and enjoy being at school, the love of learning growing within them.
Personally, I have undergone a lot of growth since coming to the school. I feel it a great privilege to work in our newest Kindergarten 3-4 alongside Christine, here at Golden Hill. May the love of learning continue!

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