School Stall Celebrates Easter in Autumn

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At the Easter Denmark Arts Markets 2014, Kylie Collyer from Nature’s Nest and P&F Chair Miranda Miller made a beautiful and inspirational display, bringing together elements of the Easter festivity and Autumn’s bounty.





IMG_1933(1)Alongside felt and wood-made Autumn trees, leaves, toad stalls ¬†and pumpkins, little felt rabbits could be found about the display. Kylie made a host of beautiful toys and keepsakes for sale, especially for the school’s themed stall.






I bought a DIY felt bunny kit for my 9 year old.

My 4 year old was delighted to find a gnome in a leafy bed alongside her chocolate bunny (from Swiss Annie’s) on Easter morning.






Both my girls enjoyed filling their felt bunny baskets with the spoils of the morning’s hunt; mini eggs and gum-nuts alike.







9780473124601The concept of Antipodean Easter is explored in a popular book in the Golden Hill Library, ‘Easter in Autumn’ by Collete Leenman.

Click here for book review by Silvia Lehman (similar name but no relation).








It was a wonderful market day effort, well attended as Easter often is. The day was made extra special with Denise’s wonderful puppet play and the talented Jade’s face painting skills. What a beautiful spot on the river for a family rest point.





IMG_1925(1)Many thanks and blessings on the parent and staff helpers who have brought ideas, energy and commitment to this stall over the seasons and the years.






For more on how families at GHSS like to celebrate Autumn click on the image below….

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