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view of hillsIn Australia, Autumn is also the time for Easter celebrations. Easter Sunday is on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Autumn equinox. The equinox is a time of equal day and night and for us in the southern hemisphere our days will now begin to grow shorter.

At Golden Hill Steiner School our Autumn festival is a time too when we encourage our children to use their courage by providing activities that require bravery, trust and patience. They walk across a rope bridge, take part in a blindfold walk and a trust fall with their friends and family. They hear about St. Michael and how he battles a dragon and from these experiences their own strength is fortified ready for the cooler and darker days ahead.

At Easter in recent times there has developed a large emphasis on chocolate eggs and anything chocolate. And although most of us enjoy chocolate it is something that is better consumed in moderation.

Perhaps the challenge is to be creative and find alternative ways to make Easter meaningful for us and our children. Each family will have their own special way of doing that.The Roaring Autumn Project is a Golden Hill Steiner School initiative to collate and share ideas, recipes, craft tutorials and stories for a simple and meaningful Autumn and Easter.

Autumn in Denmark is a wonderful time of the year. Some seasonal rain has freshened up the gardens and the bush. There are an abundance of apples, pumpkins, feijoas and passion fruit. Many of us are thinking about building up our store of fire wood and kindling.

This time of year is reminiscent in many ways to European Autumn Harvest time when the last of summer’s bounty is celebrated and winter is prepared for. It can feel out of step with the time of year to celebrate Easter, which is a long standing festival of springtime that predates Christianity. It is perhaps not desirable to reject the national social calendar completely, but it can be satisfying to make time to reflect on what this season means to us personally and authentically.

For my family this is a great time to be out and about, taking advantage of some of our local walks with the cooler temperatures and fewer flies. There are many short day hikes on the Bibbulmun track both along the coast and in the forest. To walk from the Valley of the Giants to Sappers bridge is a great way to spend time among our beautiful trees. Click here for a link to the Bibbulmun Track Homepage.

Or alternatively try climbing Mount Lindesay and be rewarded with wonderful views from the summit. By taking on a challenging walk and encouraging ourselves and our children to do a little more than we would normally we further develop our inner resolve and that of our children. This might be a good time to indulge in some of the Easter chocolate.

Last week I woke to the wonderful sound of the Purple Crowned Lorikeets calling from the skies. These small parrots are nomadic and have recently arrived as the Karri is in flower. I didn’t know the Karri was flowering until I first heard and then saw these small birds. Sure enough a few days later Karri flowers were drifting down onto the lawn. The lorikeets move swiftly in small groups high up in the treetops and have a high pitched call.

This time of year is a favourite for those of us that love to fish. The Salmon are moving along the coast now providing opportunities to catch a big fish.

If you would like to share your ideas, thoughts or visions for what a Roaring Autumn might mean for you, we would love to hear from you.

For more on how the Golden Hill School and parent community find ways to welcome in the season’s change…… Click here

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