Felt Egg for Easter

Finished - Felt Eggs(2)
This is a lovely craft activity for Easter, using wet felting technique, which is easy, fun and makes a beautiful, natural fibre treasure to honour the season of re-birth. Although Australian Easter is in Autumn, it can feel like a time of rebirth when the rains come and the yellow pastures of summer slowly return to green.

Many thanks to Kylie Collier of Nature’s Nest for sharing this craft tutorial.


  • Plastic egg or anything egg shaped that is hard and waterproof (this is called a resist)
  • Wool roving: 1 or more colours
  • Dish soap
  • Warm/Hot water
  • Bowl

In this tutorial we will show you how to make a wet felted egg, it is a great activity for beginners and all ages, and is beautifully tactile.

The natural wool fibres have such a beautiful texture that my kids love to spend an amazing time wet felting, from the fluffy softness in the beginning, to a soapy squishy ball, to a fun new material called felt that turns into a sculptured object, (our lovely eggs).

I did this project with Sienna 7 years old and Jay 6 years old, both children at this age will need some help with wrapping the solid object to start, dipping it into the water for the first time, and manipulating gently, only until the fibres are just sticking together. Then the children will be happy to do the rest, beginning with the soapy massage.

Sienna managed to make 2 eggs and on her second egg she wrapped a couple of thin pieces of wool in different colours around the outside egg to give it a few special stripes.

Jay on the other hand lost interest as soon as the bubbles disappeared, threw on a silk cape and ran outside to chase dragons. But I did notice a little hand that night wrapped around a finished egg when someone was asleep…hang on, make that two!


1. Pull off layers of fleece and wrap it around the middle of your egg, then wrap it in the opposite direction over top of your egg, each time continue wrapping layers until you have 2 layers going both ways.

1A - Felt Egg(2) 1B - Felt Egg(2)1C - Felt Egg(2)

2. Gently hold your egg and dip it into a container of warm soapy water.

I have mine as warm as is comfortable. Be very gentle and cup your egg passing it from hand to hand for 1 min.

2A - Felt Egg(1)

Drop a small amount of dish liquid onto your ball and once the felt is sticking to itself you can rub and massage it a bit rougher.

Do this for 10 minutes and you will find the felt is tighter and has shrunk and taken on more of an egg shape.

2B - Felt Egg2D - Felt Egg(1)2C - Felt Egg (1)

Rinse your egg in cold water and then warm water, repeatedly about 4 times. Squeeze gently then sit it outside in nice sunny spot to dry, turning over a couple of times throughout the day.

3. When your egg is dry, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut halfway around your egg and pop out the plastic egg from inside to be used again next time.

3C - Felt Egg3D - Felt Egg(1)Finished - Felt Egg

Blanket stitch around the cut edges to give it a neat finish.

Use as a gift and fill with a special note or crystal, or it can be used for a bed for a mini doll, or even hold the tooth you lost awaiting a visit from the tooth fairy, maybe even hold a special mother’s day gift..
I hope you enjoy this project as much as we did.

Finished - Felt Eggs(2)
TIP: If you make several eggs you will need a nice hand moisturiser, as all that wet felting will leave you skin a little dry.

Nature’s Nest have Felt Egg Kits available from the craft section of their online shop

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