Drawing Dragons

drawing of dragon

drawing of dragon

Artistic beauty does not consist of the representation of a beautiful thing, but the beautiful representation of a thing – Immanuel Kant

kids in dragon costumeMany children really enjoy drawing and often need only a little guidance and they are off creating wonderful pictures. I know my children love it when I sit with them and draw.

Often I don’t know where to start or how to get started. The guideline below is intended to give a start to those of us who do not know where to begin but like the idea of sitting with our children to draw a picture.

A dragon has been chosen as a subject  as they are an important part of the Autumn festival at Golden Hill Steiner school.

Each dragon will be unique.  The joy of a mythical creature is that it is created in the imagination of the individual. Be kind to yourself and embrace your dragon’s individuality.


line drawing

Step 1

Draw smoothly and lightly at first. Use a ruler or pencil to measure distances. Use a ruler to sketch the two baselines. Sketch the two angled ellipses and try to get the angles similar to those in the guide. Add a shape for the head and a circle for the swirl of the tail. Sketch a small circle in one ellipse for the leg joint and lines for the wings.


line drawing

Step 2
Focus on one body part at a time. Add s- shaped lined for the neck, then sketch the back and tail. Add the wings and legs and sketch in the details for the head. Draw two feet on each baseline to give the drawing a sense of perspective. Keep your pencil light.




How to draw a dragon part 3

Step 3

Rub out any unnecessary lines. Using a light pencil, add flames coming out of the mouth. Lightly sketch the details of the neck. You now have the base on which to build. You can start adding colour with pencil or crayon. You could choose a colour theme, maybe all warm colours or maybe different shades of blue and purple.There is no right or wrong – have fun with your dragon. Has your dragon turned out friendly or scary or maybe it’s a shy dragon?


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