Spring Rainbows

Close up of a child holding a daffodil

Close up image of a Sun Flower

Spring is time for celebrating and rainbows are for making wishes.

Rainbows are a delight to the spirit. They span across the sky in full spectrum; a bridge of colour linking one world with another, the bridging of consciousness. Illusory and expansive, they inspire us, deeply linking us with magic; reminding us of our connection with the natural realm.

Close up of a child holding a daffodil

Springtime is the time to gaze with wonder, to search for colour, to pray for a rainbow. Spring is such a wonderful time to share with children, gazing at life with the intention to enter the world of wonder.

Through childlike sensitivity and observation we increase our perception of reality. The eyes of a child see the world beyond time, where energy dances in the waves of sound. Rainbows hide where the sunshine enters, flashing the colour spectrum in tiny places that dwell just outside of our busy vision, waiting for our reflection to find them shining in their glory.

As spring unfolds the world bursts with colour and song. New life sweeps across the landscape inviting us to reunite with the wonder of nature.

Young girl squatting next to a rainbow made of flowers on the floor

This spring expand the soul life of the family into the spirit of the season by exploring nature’s colours with your child. Use springtime for the quest of Earth knowledge. Collect flowers that grow nearby, take time to thank them and cherish their beauty, picking only where there is abundance. Go boldly into the surroundings and gather from its harvest as an act of gratitude to nature.

Once home they can be used in Earth art for creating rainbows or other pictures. They can be pressed in books, weaved or just squashed and made into potions. The very act of respectfully gathering from nature, activates ancient memory and holds children captivated in creative contentment.

Making a rainbow out of the flowers from the neighbourhood or surrounding environment is a very amazing thing to do with children.

This Season of New Life is an opportunity to tune into nature from a place of joy.

Spring can be celebrated by playfully hosing into the sky, forming rainbows. Water play with a hose can be so much fun. Rainbows easily turn into colourful halos opening up a whole new world of dancing with colour, light and water. There is lots of fun in amongst the spray with everything from raincoats to bathing suits and umbrellas. Children love adults exploring this world of simple elemental play with them. Like a spring clean, the act of spontaneous wet fun is very healing for interpersonal family dynamics.

Four children by the bank of a river covered in mud

Let the ancient stories of this land arch up and shine over the landscape of your children’s dreams with stories of the Rainbow serpent; the giver of life, now active in the spring time heat. When children hear of the character, the colour and the habits of a creature they are filled with natural reverence for it. These stories will protect your children as you continue to find ways and occasions to earth them in their surroundings.

Nature holds the essence of all intelligence. Spring time is nature’s glory so let its colourful displays of flowers and insects fill your family with the frequency of love, renewal and connection.

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