Cinnamon, Cardamom and Saffron

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I have delicious memories of waking up on the first morning of spring in Iran (21st of March) to the wafting aromas of hot cinnamon and cardamom pastries, and saffron-laced rice puddings.

Post by Mahsa Anderson, Denmark.

Spring, particularly the first day, was an explosion of the senses. The excitement of course had been building up for weeks. Our house would be ‘spring cleaned’ from head to toe half way through winter. We would all get brand new attire (usually the only ones we got for the year). There would be foods cooked and pickles prepared and chutneys galore. Spring therefore has such sensory memories for me.

This is the reason why I decided that this year’s Baha’i community’s stall at the Spring Fair would have a little bit of the flavours and senses that I have come to love and associate with the beginning of spring. I decided that a play dough/sensory activities would just hit the spot.

So first there was play dough making with Isla (insert picture). We made peppermint play dough, chocolate play dough, cinnamon play dough, strawberry and lemon play dough, vanilla play dough and we even tried sweet almond although the kids were not too keen on that one.

Play dough table
Play dough creatures

Then we decided that it wouldn’t be a sensory exploration without some nature. So we brought in sticks and stone, leaves and branches. We included some textured fabrics and other materials lying around the house.

The morning at the fair was a hit with children and adults alike. Who doesn’t like putting their hands into a gooey green play dough and create make believe pepperminty monsters or aliens?

This spring my house is not spring cleaned nor does it smell of cinnamon and cardamom pastries but we will carry the memories from the fair into the rest of the season and hopefully we will get to have another excuse to tickle our senses with spicy play dough!!

Play dough creatures

Jack's goat competition

Jack’s play dough goat competition

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