Babysitting Activities in Spring

heart shaped bird feeder in tree

Home made heart shaped bird feeder hanging from rose bush

Post by Kaela Short.

Babysitting is no easy task. You give them something to do and five minutes later comes the “I’m bored” or “Can we do something else?” Anyone that has done babysitting before should be able to relate to this. So I have searched the web for some spring activities for kids. So here are:

3 Activities to do in spring

I remember when I was younger, being an only child I got bored A LOT. My Mum was always running around trying to keep me occupied. These activities are a simple and fun solution. I do recommend that you plan these activities in advance so you’ve got a chance to grab the supplies.

The wind chimes and bird-feeder I have done myself with the two girls I baby sit for. Both are great little activities and the girls really enjoyed them.

paper cup wind chime in rose bush

Paper cup wind chime

I did this with the youngest child, 4 years old.

We painted the paper cups and left them to dry for a while.

We then threaded on pieces of cut straws and macaroni (don’t let them eat the raw macaroni)

To make sure they stayed on the pieces of string I used a skewer and put a hole in the side of one of the pieces of straw, then threaded the string into and around the straw to hold everything in place.

To attach the strings to the cup we skewered holes in the cups, threaded the string through the holes and then tied big knots on the end of the string.

Child painting paper cupPaper cup painted with gold paint

heart shaped bird feeder in tree

Bird feeders

I did this activity with both the girls (4 and 9 years old). They both really enjoyed it and the end result was brilliant.

The first step is dissolving the gelatine in a pot over the stove and a warning (even though it is obvious) this step REQUIRES MATURE / ADULT SUPERVISION.

Be careful of children trying to climb all over you, burning yourself, or setting the little ones heads on fire when dissolving the gelatine.

Once the gelatine was dissolved, we left it to cool on the stove and got everything else ready.

Once the gelatine was cooled down, we took it somewhere where we had more room and poured the bird seed into the pot with the gelatine (if you want a break, let the kids stir the bird seed mix!).

Make sure all the liquid gets dissolved into the bird feed (you will probably have to add more to soak it up).

The next step was the fun (and messy) part. We spooned the mix into the cookie cutters (then realised that we were only supposed to fill them up half way and took most of it out again) you will want to either have very tidy kids or something underneath them so you don’t get the mix everywhere.

We put in the string, then left them to dry for a few days.

They ended up turning out really well. We just had to be careful taking them from the moulds because a lot of the bird seed was falling away.

We now have them hanging up all over the garden.

bird seed in cookie cutter mouldbird seed in pot

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