Celebrating Seasons

Call to Rainbow Spring

the completed maypole

  By Lydia Kenyon Rainbow Spring is part of a year round initiative to celebrate and explore the season’s change in Denmark, Western Australia. Natural rhythms of the day and the year are an important aspect of early years learning, according to the educational philosophy… Continue reading

Spring Festival 2014

three legged race

By Anna Boaden Spring has arrived quite suddenly this year and all around nature is letting us know. Splashes of colour are beginning to show in the forest as the spring flowers burst open. Already our iconic Denmark bird the Splendid Fairy Wren is flashing… Continue reading

School Stall Celebrates Easter in Autumn

School banner

  At the Easter Denmark Arts Markets 2014, Kylie Collyer from Nature’s Nest and P&F Chair Miranda Miller made a beautiful and inspirational display, bringing together elements of the Easter festivity and Autumn’s bounty.         Alongside felt and wood-made Autumn trees, leaves,… Continue reading

Recipe for an Apple, Oat and Maple Slice


  Apples, apples, apples. Autumn is the time for apples and there are many recipes with ideas of how to use apples. Here is one that I enjoyed making and eating. It is a nutritious slice, very easy to make and great for lunch boxes… Continue reading

Calling in the Dragon Energy by Kristi McMullan

This is the time of the year to summon the energy of courage. We are getting ready for the winter to descend on us with its cloak of chill and rain. We must collect our wood for the fires that will keep us warm. The… Continue reading

The Roaring Autumn Project

In Australia, Autumn is also the time for Easter celebrations. Easter Sunday is on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Autumn equinox. The equinox is a time of equal day and night and for us in the southern hemisphere our days… Continue reading

The Golden Christmas Project

Poster for Golden Christmas

Many parents these days are looking for a less commercial Christmas. A ‘Silly Season’ that finds some time to ‘make and do’ instead of just consume: A Yuletide that honours the gifts and the rhythms of nature: A ‘Festivous’ that celebrates human imagination and gives… Continue reading

Make a popstick catapult

homemade catapult

During the Autumn festival each year the Steiner children take part in activities that test their courage, resolve and patience. It is a time when the children are told stories of courage and bravery. They are encouraged to be brave themselves and take with them… Continue reading

Book Review of Easter in Autumn by Collette Leenman

Review by Silvia Lehmann – This is a thin little book that is easy to read from cover to cover. Collette Leenman lives in New Zealand, and this is one of the best books I’ve seen in combining the European traditions of a Christian festival… Continue reading

Drawing Dragons

drawing of dragon

Artistic beauty does not consist of the representation of a beautiful thing, but the beautiful representation of a thing – Immanuel Kant Many children really enjoy drawing and often need only a little guidance and they are off creating wonderful pictures. I know my children… Continue reading