Make a Day Dream Sunflower



Make a paper sunflower to celebrate summer and capture your dreams.

I find the most meaningful and enjoyable craft activities that I do with my children are ones that reflect the season. Sunflowers are a glorious way to acknowledge the brilliance and the joy of summer.

Your child will probably need some help making this sunflower but the centre of the flower they can decorate themselves with coloured pencils or crayons. You might like to invite them to write or draw their wish or dream for the year ahead. You can tell your children that their picture is like the seeds that are found in the centre of a sunflower. With some tending, a dream may grow.

I really enjoy finding simple acts of creative visualisation that I can share with my children. I believe envisioning is an important energy focusing strategy. It’s never too early to start and craft time is a great time to day dream.


Many thanks to Annette Carmichael for the following template and tutorial.

A Day Dream Sunflower

sunflower example


You will need:

Sunflower_ things you will need – Sunflower templates (Star Shapes A&B)

– ruler, scalpel and cutting board

– scissors, glue

– pencil and/or crayons


Click here for a printable template for your sunflower GHSS Sunflower Template Download


Step 1 – Draw or print your sunflower templates onto 2 sheets of coloured paper. Use orange and yellow.

Star Shape A

Star shape B






Step 2 – Use a blade to cut the lines inside the octagon of Star Shape A,  then use scissors to cut around the outside edge of the same star.

sunflower_step 2






Step 3 – Cut around Star Shape B. This makes the flower base.

sunflower_paper cut






Step 3 – Draw or write the dream you would like to grow or just decorate with a beautiful pattern

sunflower-inner circle     





Step 4 – Fold back the petals and glue the petal star (Star Shape A) onto the base star (Star Shape B) on angle, complete the flower and to frame your drawing.

sunflower_pieces stuck together






Step 5 –  Using string or wool tie your sunflower onto a stick and watch it flutter in the breeze.

sunflower_on stick

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