Grow your name in sprouts



 This is a great gardening project for the kids.

Plant directly in a garden bed or in a seedling tray.

A really good way for kids to learn about germination and to be enticed into eating healthy sprouts.



1. Fill a seedling tray with potting mix ( or sieved compost) and make moist.

2. Using alf-alfa seeds, sprinkle the seed on the soil surface to make the name of the child you are doing this with. You could even use a cardboard stencil cut out beforehand

3. Cover with a fine layer of potting mix and water in again.

4. Keep in a shady place, the seed does not need sun until germinated.

5. Continue to water daily with a mist sprayer and watch the name appear !

6. Sprouts are harvestable when about 4cm high

7. Radish, watercress and parsley are also suitable seed types for this project.





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