Weave a God’s Eye in honour of Summer Solstice

god's eye

god's eye

I have marked Summer Solstice with god’s eyes in my home for many years now. It is such a simple meditative practice and so easy to do. You can do it while chatting at a social gathering or sitting quietly on your own. It is such a lovely activity to do with children. Even very small children can make fabulous looking god’s eyes.

Ancient cultures used god’s eyes to represent the power and influence of the sun. It is a great way to bring reverence to the summer season to children. I have also used god’s eyes at winter solstice to call in memories of the summer sun’s warmth. A friend recently told me that she had heard of god’s eyes used at equinox.

Con's eye






Here is a god’s eye my husband made. It’s nice a neat. Mine are never neat. Neat or wonky. All god’s eyes look quite funky, especially lots hanging in a cluster.

all you need

All you need is about 1 metre of wool (yarn) and 2 sticks. Wooden paddle pop sticks work well, or tree sticks for a more rustic look, or bamboo skewers (file off the sharp end).

In Steiner Kindergarten the children work with yarn in their first craft activity which is usually finger knitting. Baskets of small and colourful balls of yarn are presented to the children. The choosing of colour gives the children a strong impulse to engage with the activity.

starting off






Young children usually need help from an adult or older child starting off. Tie a length of yarn to the middle of 1 stick.

cross ways






Lay the second stick crossways over the first. Wrap the yarn around where the sticks cross; diagonally one way then the other. Do this until the cross structure sits securely.

gods eye






When you have enough diagonals to keep the two sticks secure,  take the yarn and wrap all the way around the right arm of the cross. Next take the yarn to the next arm of the cross and again wrap all the way around. Repeat this action until your god’s eye is complete.

new colour

god's eye in progress






When yo want to change the colour of the yarn, just cut your existing yarn and tie your new colour on. Try to keep the end strands to the back of the decoration or work into the emerging pattern.

god's eye






As the pattern spirals outward the effect looks a bit like an eye.







This is what the reverse side looks like.

god's eye in a tree






God’s eyes can be hung as a decoration in your Christmas Tree or anywhere in your home or garden.

God’s eyes look great hung in the garden as a part of Earth Art 

Poster for Golden Christmas

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