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felt dove decoration


felt dove decoration

Thank you Silvia for this pattern and design.

This felt dove is a little more complicated than some of the other felt decorations I have tried this advent, but the end effect is very charming.

Christmas is a time that many use to reflect on visions of peace. Doves have been associated with peace because they have been observed to be caring, gentle and loyal to their young. The Dove symbol is associated with love and peace in Christianity, Judaism and early Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Chinese mythologies.

Create a felt dove for your home, or as a gift, and send a wish to the world for peace and love.

This dove is about 11 cm by 6. Using two colours looks very effective.

You will need:

materials for felt dove

Wool Felt  – about 1/2 a sheet  (14.5cm x 21.5 cm)
Stranded cotton (about 50cm)
a small handful of unspun wool (filling)
A dove template – this can be hand drawn, downloaded from the internet, or available as a pdf from this site…see link below:

GHSS Felt Cut Out Templates-Bird-Heart-Star

The dove template includes dove body, wing and tail.

You will need to know how to blanket stitch. Click here for  a tutorial on Blanket Stitch for Beginners

Step 1.

pin dove template





Pin your templates to the felt portion and cut around them. You will need 2 body shapes, 1 tail and 4 wings.

Step 2.

separate stranded cotton






Separate the stranded cotton and thread just 2 or 3 strands onto your needle.

Step 3.

blanket stitch around your dove






Blanket stitch together the 2 body shapes. Stop before the tail section.

Step 4.

pin dove tail






The dove tail is a lovely standout feature in this craft pattern. Pin the tail cut out between the tail sections of each dove body.

Step 5.

dove tail






Sew the tail section.

Step 6.

fill dove






Tease out a small handful of unspun wool (toy filler/fleece) until it is light and fluffy. Fill the dove body with the fleece and then sew around the remaining body shape.

Step 7.

dove wings






Place 2 wings on each side of the dove. Using 2 colours is very effective. Fasten with a couple of stitches.

Step 8.

Hanging thread






Thread a loop of stranded cotton through the top of the body to hang on your tree. The loop needs to sit in the right place for the dove to hang straight.

2 doves



dove in a tree






The un-dyed wool felt used here is a lovely way to capture the purity of a dove, and a splash of colour for the tail is glorious.

Reminds me of one of my favourite sayings…’DOVE TAILS!’ for when things come together in the end.

Poster for Golden Christmas



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