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Golden Christmas is right under your feet

earth artA really fun way to embrace the spirit of Christmas is to find it in the small places that are easily overlooked.   Nature and all her fairies are right on our door step in the nearest pot plant or beside the tree in the car park. These are the places waiting for magic to happen.

It is quite amazing just how observant children are.  If we take the time to leave a small fairy footprint, a little pattern in the earth near where they walk or play; we engage this attention.

The earth is the most accessible form for creative expression with all its colours and textures just waiting to be used. Making little earth arts with children is a very grounding way to enter nature with them; it is also a lovely way to thank nature for a great day out when leaving to go home. Children really love their adults to engage at this level with them because when our focus shifts to the small places we meet them on their level.

earth artEarth mandalas or earth art can be all things from fairy houses to sacred geometry.  It can be rough and sketchy or intricate and beautiful.  This form of  art is an act of surrender and very simply helps us to practise non-attachment.  The Spirit of Christmas can really feed from this kind of activity, giving birth to unexpected treasures as children will be inspired to surprise and gift back to the magical fairy world.

By bending down to the earth we can take hold of the creative gifts of nature, allowing ourselves to expand into moments that become the spirit of giving for the earth as well as the children.  It is the small places that hold wonder for children and as Christmas approaches we can invite ourselves into their world through this creative attention.

Child makes earth art at base of a tree
There are additional benefits inherent in fostering this connection because once we take the time to go to these places, children will often be happy to  stay awhile longer, finishing their ‘new world’. This creative play is deeply satisfying to children and by its very nature is open to being completely spontaneous.   While we are often busy during this time of the year, here is something that takes no planning and yet has the power to enliven any moment, anywhere.   If things get hectic taking a new perspective changes that harried feeling into a wonderful golden moment.  The wonder and celebration of the small places doesn’t have to be limited to outside in nature either.  We can leave little decorated piles of sweepings on the floor.  We can make symbolic art pieces out of the lost and found wonders that often grace our homes; helping transform the mundane into the sacred is definitely a step towards a golden Christmas.

Put the gold into Christmas by observing the beautiful and intricate world beneath your feet; finding occasions to leave your own message and just maybe, the magic will come back to you.

Written by Krystal Brooks (Kristi McMullan)

Look out for my soon to be released book “Earth Mothering/ Mothering Earth”.

Poster for Golden Christmas


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