Create a Crazy Cucumber Crocodile

Crazy Cucumber Croc

Crazy Cucumber Croc

Post by Neal Collins

I teach organic and biodynamic gardening at the Golden Hill Steiner School in Denmark.

The kids love making things from fruit and vegetables, especially when they get to eat the end result.

Eating great fresh produce inspired me to become involved in Organic Horticulture when Simone (my partner) and I were living in a cave with some farmers in the south of Spain.

When I returned to Australia, I felt passionate about teaching people how to grow Organic Food. 20 years later, this is what I do, providing a consultation service to people and groups wanting to know how to Grow their own.

With summer well and truly underway, its almost time to pick cucumbers and cherry tomatoes – and not too late to plant them either.

Here is a great Christmas and holiday activity for you and the kids.

For your Crazy  Croc Cucumber you will need:

A cucumber, a slice of carrot, small mozzarella balls, toothpicks, cherry tomatoes, seedless grapes and some cheddar cheese.

1. Cut off the bottom of the cucumber. Use the cut-off piece to create the feet.

2. Ask an adult to cut a gap for the mouth ( about 5cm) and cut out the teeth. Use the slice of carrot for the tongue.

3. Use the mozzarella balls for the eyes.

4. Stick toothpicks in the top of the cucumber and place tomatoes and mozzarella or grapes and cheese triangles on them. Line along the back of your croc to make the spiky ridges.

Eat him before he eats you!

Neal Collins can provide Grow Your Own workshops at your home to start or improve upon an existing kitchen garden. Workshops can include whole family participation and can be a fabulous and productive way for kids and parents to have fun together outdoors. Contact Neal on if you are interested.

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