A Golden Collection of Christmas Carols

For a pdf download of A Golden Collection of  Christmas Carols, music and lyrics, please click on the image below.

cherry carolThis is a unique and charming collection of songs from around the world, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. There are some lovely, simple songs for singing in rounds.

As songs for a meaningful Australian Christmas, I love the Carol of the Birds, which depicts the brolgas dancing in the sun on Christmas Day. I also love the Cherry Tree Carol, which seems so fitting at this time when my family and I are reveling in beautiful, fresh ‘cherries aplenty’.

Communal singing is a treasure that humans have long enjoyed but that in our busy, modern and segmented lives many of us too rarely get to experience. Christmas is a time when even the shy or hoarse of voice might be tempted into a sing-a-long.

At Golden Hill all the seasonal celebrations incorporate an invitation for the adults to join the children in song. For me, as a parent, I have valued the printouts of lyrics and music that usually get sent home at these times.

Having the opportunity to practice with my children, and hear the notes on a recorder a couple of times, has given me the confidence to join in with just a little more gusto than I, otherwise, might have done.

With best intentions these songs are collected here in the spirit of keeping Christmas cheer and community singing alive and well, in Western Australia, 2013.

These songs come to us in times of emerging opportunity and doubt, shining beacons, through both print and oral traditions. Whatever the digital world has in store for us…on these fast changing seas…we send afloat this raft of words and melodies with hope, blessings and good will.

Many thanks to our music teacher, Bruce Anthony, for all he has done for Golden Hill and the community of Denmark, over many years. Bruce has spent precious hours, for future generations, adding to this collection, and keeping these songs alive.

Poster for Golden Christmas


Do your part…

 gather in good cheer

   forget your worries

     play and sing..

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