A ribbon wand to withstand WA’s windy plays


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Both my kids love ribbon wands, but I have bought so many over time only to have them break shortly after getting home. This led me to try making my own. So on a mission to find a wand that was kid proof I finally found this version. Ours still look good after years of tough love.

This wand is great, and the best part is when the ribbons start to look worn you can change them and voila! You have a new wand for under $5

10 mm Dowel 30 cm in length
2 different colour ribbons 3.5 cm wide x 100 cm length
1 co-ordinating ribbon roughly 1 cm width x 100 cm length
1 eyelet screw 25 mm

Piece of dowel





Step 1.
Cut a length of dowel at 30 cm and give it a light sand to remove any rough spots.

dowel with eyelet






Step 2.
Screw in the eyelet screw into one end in the centre of the dowel, if this is hard to do just pop a small nail in the end where you want the screw to go and give it a couple of light taps with a hammer then remove, this will create a small indent in the dowel and makes it easier for the screw to go in.

attach ribbon





Step 3. Take your 3 ribbons and separately thread them through the eye of the screw and tie them off leaving  small tails at the top.







Step 4.
Trim the ribbons to neaten the ends, and to stop them from fraying and lasting longer get an adult to singe the ends quickly over a small flame.

finished wandIf you are giving this as a gift roll the ribbons around the top of the wand and tape down with a small amount of sticky tape.

My kids love to run down the beach with their wands, with the colourful ribbons dancing in the wind behind them, their happy faces and their sounds of delight were worth the hit on the thumb with the hammer.

Tip: For a beach worthy wand make the ribbons a bit longer for a great effect I used 2 metres of each colour

Poster for Golden Christmas

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