Make a fleece fairy to hang in a tree or sunny window

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Post by: Kylie Collyer of Nature’s Nest

tree fairy 01Both my parents are the arty, crafty type and I grew up hanging out with my dad gold panning in the mountains of NSW as a child, cutting and polishing gemstones ready to make jewellery from, or just to display around the house (which looks like a cave). Lucky Mum likes rocks too.

Woodworking with my mum is also lots of fun, whether we are carving or doing pyrography I always enjoy our special ‘us time’ with each of my parents. I am so grateful to have grown up learning how to work with nature’s materials and it is only recently that I have discovered the joy of working with wool.

The lovely smell and softness of wool is a big contrast to working with stone and I love it. I wanted to share a fairy tutorial with you that requires no gluing, nor the use of a needle. I hope you enjoy creating your own special little lady as much as I did.

20cm white wool roving for body
12cm white wool roving for wings
20cm coloured wool roving for hair
35cm thin gold thread
gold sequin star
15cm length pipe cleaner
3 small beads
12cm thick gold thread
20mm gold bead
Step 1′ BODY
First make the body by bending the pipe cleaner in the middle, then place the larger piece of white wool onto the centre forming a cross, twist the wire a couple of times to secure it all together.
Fold down the two halves of wool and smooth them down.
Step 2 HEAD
Take your bead and thread it onto both ends of your pipe cleaner, pulling it down tight against the top of the body.
Step 3 WINGS
Lay the body down and lift up the top half, take your smaller piece of white wool and place it inside and up the top end of the body. Smooth down the wool to cover the wings.
Step 4 BELT
Thread your thickest gold thread with the 3 beads and tie it around the fairies waist up under the wings so the beads are at the front of the dress.
Step 5 HAIR
Take your 20cm length of coloured wool and make a split halfway down with even thickness on both sides. Spread the pipe cleaner apart, lay the fairy on top of the hair with the two split pieces of hair above the fairies head. Pull the hair forward between the pipe cleaners, smooth down then twist the pipe cleaner once or twice to secure hair.
After tying the pipe cleaner ends together to form your hanging loop, gently pull the hair around the back of the fairy smoothing over any gaps, loosely tie it with a bit of your gold thread.
Thread your star onto the remaining thin gold thread, position the star onto the centre of the fairies head where her hair parts at the front and gently tie it off at the back.
Step 8 WINGS
Lay your fairy face up on a hard surface and gently tease out and shape her wings from her body outwards, pull off any long pieces so they are even on both sides.
how to make a fleece fairy step by step
Your fairy is now finished, so give her a beautiful name and a special spot on your Christmas tree or hanging in a sunny window.
tree fairy kit02tree fairy kit01 Kylie has donated Make Your Own Fleece Fairy Kit & Instruction Packs for  GHSS to sell as a fund raiser.
 The packs will be available at up-coming GHSS market stalls;  the Denmark  Arts Markets, 14th December, and the Denmark Chamber of Commerce  Christmas Parade, 19th December 2013.
Poster for Golden Christmas
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