The Bounty of the Autumn


Golden Hill Parents are supported and encouraged to discover the Steiner philosophy for themselves. Many parents find that their own journey through the school offers inspiration and a wealth of ideas for ways in which they can create an environment and activities at home that reflect the ethos of the school. To this end, we have an extensive library of Steiner associated books that are available for parents to burrow. Please enquire at the Office if you would like more information.

We hope that the links to websites below will also be of interest to you.

Steiner Education Australia

The Steiner Education Australia (SEO) is a registered and incorporated body and the principal association representing Steiner Schools in Australia. The SEO website is a great place for parents to find information about Steiner education in Australia and recent developments in the National Steiner Curriculum. ls. 

Waldorf Books

Waldorf Books is an online bookshop based in the US. Hundreds of wonderful books are available at reasonable prices. Topics include Waldorf/Steiner philosophical background; teaching resources, curriculum guides, antroposophy, gardening, healing, craft, festivals and Special Needs. 

Winterwood Steiner Toys

Steiner Inspired Toys and Craft Supplies