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Primary Classes 1 – 6

At a Steiner school, where possible, the Class Teacher stays with the same group of children on an educational journey through the primary school years. This ongoing relationship allows the teacher to develop an insight into the needs of the individual child and to carry a deep responsibility for their learning, growth and well-being. This relationship enables the children to find in their teacher a loving authority; a person whom they can trust and respect. In later years, this faith in their teacher will mature into confidence in their own independent judgment and action.

The Structure of the day

5 children around a table cookingEach day has a carefully planned rhythm of morning, middle and afternoon activities. In the first two hours, the children have a ‘main lesson’ which concentrates on a theme in one of the academic areas of maths, languages, social studies or science. This theme is treated in depth for a period of 3 to 4 weeks, thereby fostering lively interest and enthusiasm in the children’s learning. All subjects are imbued with imagination and artistic expression and especially in the early years there is an emphasis on oral skills and movement.


Students reading in the library

Woven through the main lesson theme are the great stories, myths and legends of human history. These stories are powerful vehicles for language development and social studies and are a great help to the children as they experience their social development and increasing self-knowledge. The changes and struggles which the children undergo as they grow and mature are reflected in the struggles and discoveries of humankind through the ages. After recess, the middle lessons are devoted to areas such as foreign languages, music, painting and consolidation of skills learned in the main lesson. The afternoons are given more to practical activities such as handicrafts, gardening, games, sport and nature walks.


A Diverse and Wholesome Education 

Parent Testimonial, Emma Jerrett, 2012.

“Golden Hill Steiner School offers a diverse and wholesome education, I love watching the children develop at their own pace whilst being encouraged and being held so beautifully as children, without harsh judgement. The teachers are wonderful and truly dedicated to the children, and the school where the children are taught in a creative way. The school is set in such beautiful natural surroundings which everyone absorbs and enjoys.”

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‘One thing I would tell a parent considering Steiner Education is come and spend some time with us, feel what is going on here and if it calls to you and your child, you will know.’ Rebecca, Teacher¬†

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