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Golden Hill Kindergarten

“Kindergarten” is from the German, meaning “children’s garden”. From this word arises the image of a beautiful place where your child is able to grow and develop at a natural pace in a healthy, nurturing environment. Our kindergartens, as with all Steiner/ Waldorf kindergartens worldwide, are warm, softly lit spaces which provide nourishment for the sensory development of the young child from 3-6 years. The children are surrounded with soft pastel colours and there are a variety of treasures from nature, and simple playthings made from natural materials, to stimulate imaginative play.

In a Steiner School Kindergarten the teachers engage in domestic activities including cooking morning tea, baking bread, sweeping, mending and sewing. Your child observes the work and begins to join in the tasks and activities, learning through observation, play and imitation.

Children are carried along by the rhythms of the world in which they live, from the rhythms of breathing and heartbeat, to the daily rhythms of sleeping and waking. The yearly cycle of the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun, the phases of the moon, surround and enfold all of us. Children flourish when their daily and weekly activities are arranged rhythmically to reflect the natural order of life.

Daily activities, at Golden Hill, flow with a sense of breathing in and out; between quieter times such as story-telling and circle, and more active times of work and play. Each day has a particular activity, such as watercolour, painting or beeswax modelling, and a nutritious grain-based morning tea, such as spelt bread or oatmeal porridge. Seasonal and annual rhythms are also acknowledged through festivals and celebrations, for example, baking Hot Cross Buns at Easter and creating lanterns for the Midwinter Festival. The children’s birthdays are celebrated with a special story and a cake baked in the kindergarten.


Parent testimonial, Miranda Miller, 2012 

“We enrolled our daughter into Silver Birch Kindy as we felt it offered a solid fit to her personality. The importance placed upon developing imagination, encouraging strong and caring relationships, and really supporting children’s social and emotional well-being can not be underestimated. This will stand her in good stead to face the challenges, and embrace the adventure, that her life will offer her.”

Silver Birch Kindergarten

kids playing in the sand pit in the shadeSilver Birch is our sessional kindergarten available for children the year they are turning 4.

A homely environment and gentle daily rhythms give the children security as they take their first steps into school life. Activities offered include painting, drawing, wax modeling and bread making, and there is plenty of free exploration and play. The children have outside play in the Karri Kindy grounds.

Karri Kindergarten

Three kids hanging their chins over a wooden gate

Children transition to Karri Kindergarten, which is already familiar to them through outdoor play and some shared activities. The rhythms of activity of the day and of the week continue, until age 6.

Karri Kindy is our full time Kindergarten providing more opportunity for rhymes, songs, stories, puppet plays and craft.