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Our Community

Our School Community is a huge and inseparable  part of Golden Hill. The Steiner ethos is reinforced through information classes for parents and shared celebrations of the seasons. A Parent and Friends Committee (P&F) organises events throughout the year to bring teachers, parents and the wider, local community together through festival days, busy bees, workshops and fundraisers.

College of Teachers

5 teachers standing for a portraitIt is a central feature of Steiner Education that Teachers have a high degree of creative autonomy within the school. Decisions concerning education are made by a group referred to as the College of Teachers. Among many benefits, this system has been cited as fostering an excellent sense of common purpose and respect between teachers.

School Council

Students, parents and teachers making flower wreaths on the verandaParents have an opportunity to participate in the life of the school by joining the School Council. GHSS is governed by an elected body of parent and teacher representatives empowered by the constitution to manage the administrative and legal functions of the school. The Council meets monthly to discuss these matters and welcomes new members from the school community. Council are currently working toward making school policies accessible via this website. Click here for the GHSS Grievance and Resolution Policy

Parent & Friends Committee

Kids coloured gum boots lined upThe Parents and Friends group was newly formed in 2011 to coordinate social gatherings, parent education opportunities and fundraising events for the school. Meetings are held regularly, and all parents are invited to come along and contribute to the smooth functioning of the social life of the school. Ask your Class Rep, Teacher or at the Office for more information.

Contact the school

Join us on a Festival Day to get a feel for the School. Experience the warmth of the atmosphere and the creativity of staff and pupils.  Festivals are held on both the solstices and equinoxes (mid summer, winter, autumn and spring). See our online calendar for details or contact the office.

A Climate of Openness and Warmth

Parent testimonial, Jessica Heller-Bhatt, 2012

“Our family has enjoyed a climate of openness and warmth, nurture and community spirit which is rare to find. It is those qualities, and the beautiful details of everyday School Life, through which a truly wonderful experience of education is provided”