Violin news

Violin news

The second Just Fiddling workshops to learn more tunes and prepare for the 2012 Eisteddfod will be held on

·        Sat 12 May

at Spencer Park Primary School hall [Hardie Rd, Spencer Park]

Fiddlers of all ages and abilities are welcome!! The workshops will occur as follows:

•Just Fiddling 3:  2.00-3.30pm(for beginners/newcomers)

•Just Fiddling 2:  3.00-4.30pm(for intermediate fiddlers)

•Just Fiddling 1:  4.00-5.30pm(for experienced Just-Fiddlers)

The 3 Just Fiddling groups have been entered into the Eisteddfod. Each group will play a different tune as per the following:

JF1:     Grissman’s

JF2:     New Cajun Lullaby & Gran Texas

JF3:     Heel and Toe [1st tune only “Brown Jug polka”]

These tunes need to be learned by memory as there will be no music on stage.

Workshop fee:  $70 [$35/day]. This includes all workshops [including afternoon tea], and all sessions for the Eisteddfod, including the winners’ concert on Sat 26 May. Concessions are available for multiple siblings and we’re happy to barter.

It is desirable that students attend at least one of the workshops to partake in the Eisteddfod.


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