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Poster for Golden Christmas

Many parents these days are looking for a less commercial Christmas.

A ‘Silly Season’ that finds some time to ‘make and do’ instead of just consume: A Yuletide that honours the gifts and the rhythms of nature: A ‘Festivous’ that celebrates human imagination and gives some nourishment to the soul.

The Golden Christmas Project is a Golden Hill Steiner School initiative to collate and share ideas, recipes, craft tutorials, songs and games, for a simple and charming family Christmas.

Poster for Golden ChristmasThis project intends to collate, make available, and accessible, resources that will support parents create a Christmas that celebrates past and present, finds meaning and authenticity, and inspires unity through simple wonder and joy.

Golden Christmas is an open ended exploration rather than a prescription of what the December season should be.

In celebration of our home here in Denmark WA, a Golden Christmas might reflect the sunny days we spend on a golden beach, the crisp golden leaves of the bush, the golden memories of childhood, or the treasured wisdoms inherited from our ancestors near or far.

Golden Hill wish to share this project with the wider Denmark community.

If you would like to share your ideas, thoughts or visions for what a Golden Christmas might mean for you, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us on 9848 1811, via this website or on our FB page

Coming soon… more delicious, wholesome recipes, more craft ideas for decorations and gifts, Christmas music and songs, December in the garden, out and about summertime play.

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