Spring Festival 2014

three legged race

three legged race

By Anna Boaden

Spring has arrived quite suddenly this year and all around nature is letting us know. Splashes of colour are beginning to show in the forest as the spring flowers burst open. Already our iconic Denmark bird the Splendid Fairy Wren is flashing his bright blue suit. Here at Golden Hill Steiner School we celebrate the arrival of spring with music, dancing and games. And what fun we had today.





Each class entertained us with a poem or a song and then we all sang and danced some springtime tunes to get things started.

Class 3 practiced hard to delight onlookers with their maypole dance. They did a marvelous job of demonstrating this joyful tradition of springtime.

Class 6/7 students  then gathered all the children into different groups ready to hit the oval for some racing games. 6 groups were formed, each in their own colour and represented by a spring flower. Frilly Knickers in Purple, Old Man’s Beard in White, Bacon & Eggs in Yellow, The Running Postman in Red, Donkey Orchids in Orange and not forgetting The Snotty Gobbles in Green.

So it was a colourful sight on the school oval with much hilarity and cheering as three legged races, egg and spoon and sack races took place.

And it’s not as easy as it looks as I found out when the parents were encouraged to join in. The finale of the day was a Tug Of Peace. The children took on all the adults and we didn’t stand a chance despite our best efforts.

What a great day and a wonderful way to welcome in the season change. When we celebrate festivals we take the time to prepare ourselves for these special occasions. By doing this we acknowledge the passing of the seasons and form memories and connections associated with different times of the year. As we do this each year at the same time the associations are strengthened. We remember the songs we sing, the laughter , the colours, the friends and family we shared those times with. We remember the weather, for better or worse, the games we played and the food we shared. For children these memories can be very deep and long lasting.  These memories help us shape our existence and our experience.

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