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Position Vacant- Parents and Friends Convener

After all the fantastic work Rene and Carolyn have done over the past year, the position of P&F convener is now vacant and we desperately need someone to step in and take the reins! The voluntary role of P&F convener is largely one of setting P&F meeting dates and identifying agenda items for discussion, as well as coordinating and delegating parent involvement at various school events and festivals.

What is the Parents and Friends Association?

The parents and Friends Association is the vehicle by which the parent body contributes its time, energy and support to the teachers and students of Golden Hill. All families at our school are automatically P&F members.

Some of the roles a school P&F may play include:

· Instigating and organising social or fundraising events and assist in the planning and preparation for whole school events such as festivals and open days.

·Providing opportunities for parents and friends to become familiar with the philosophical basis upon which the school was founded, via educational evenings and workshops.

·Supporting school families in need, whether through hardship, loss, illness or other factors.

Being involved in a P&F group provides a lot of potential for fun. For example, some of the activities other Steiner P&F groups have successfully organised include:

A fundraising ‘Twilight market’

Autumn ‘trading table (in which parents formed a craft group and sold their wares at the end of the term to raise money for kindergarten)

School calendar (printed off professionally and copies sold locally)

School recipe book

Community concert (performances by parents/ community members)

Small Friday afternoon markets

Coffee/ playdate mornings

Provided that the event is in harmony with the school’s Steiner ethos, the sky (and your creativity) is the limit!

Why do we need a P&F Association?

Being part of a P&F group strengthens our community’s bonds and builds a sense of belonging, which lies at the heart of our school’s culture.

 We are aware that many GHSS parents lead extremely busy lives and greatly appreciate the way so many parents give so generously of their time and energy, despite numerous commitments. However, without an active P&F, it is very difficult to maintain a vibrant, strong school community in which parents and teachers can work together to benefit the children.

How can I get involved?

Nominate for the role of P&F convener! Feel free to speak to a teacher for more information.  



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