News from Karri Kindergarten

“Come on out, look about ,come on out

Roses grow by the gate, and for you they will wait

Come on out, look about ,come on out

See on a twig, a little guest sits

Rocking, rocking in breezes mild, sings for my child

Come on out, look about, come on out

The sun in the heavens does shine

Come on out now my child, it is time

Come on out, look about, come on out, come on out”

 Spring is in bloom in our kindergarten, the roses growing by the gate greet us as we arrive each morning, and, now and then the warm sun shines down as we play. The baby magpies squawk impatiently as their mother searches for worms.” Blackie” the hen has come to live with “Mr Peck” the rooster (thanks to Benjamin’s family), and he is much happier for the company.

Aquila and his family welcomed a little baby girl, Lyndall, born on 4th October. Congratulations! Genevieve (Freya’s Mum) has organised a meal roster for Cathy and Troy, so please add your name if you are able to provide a meal.

 It was lovely to meet dear Luiza who came in for a three-day trial and will be joining our preparatory group (six-year-olds) for 2013. Luiza and her parents, Sandra and Brad are in the process of moving to Denmark, we wish them well with their home renovations and moving.

We have a new morning tea menu this term, as follows;

Monday; Buttered Popcorn

Tuesday; Spelt Bread

Wednesday; Mini Muffins

Thursday; Bircher Muesli

Friday; California Rice (with almonds, butter and tamari)

Please let us know if there are any foods your child can not eat, and we will adapt to suit.

A reminder to please ensure your child has a sun-hat at kindergarten, and for those who stay all day, check to see if toothpaste and toothbrushes need replacing, and send along blankets and cushions if you haven’t already.

Warm wishes



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