Cubbies for Christmas, Denmark

cubby puppet
cubby puppet

Kid’s Town, Denmark, WA is a fundraising event in support of the national StreetSmart Cubbies for Christmas Campaign. This network provides tinyfolk cubbies to children living in refuge around Australia this Christmas.

Click here to visit the StreetSmart website

The idea:  To come together as a community to celebrate the season and spirit of giving with our children.

The aim: To raise funds for a worthwhile cause while having lots of wholesome memorable family fun.

The vision: A neighbourhood of cubbies – Kid’s Town – lots of festive fun and a share meal.

In groups kids build a cubby and then explore other cubbies. Some children have already been hatching plans to build a cubby shop and sell craft and snacks to raise money for the cause. One of these children coined the term Kid’s Town.

This project needs help to –

Promote the event – spread the word around the WHOLE of Denmark. Everyone’s invited. A good cause is a great way to unite people.

Sell tickets – Tickets are available through GHSS but ideally we need more vendors. Vending stations can be set up at each school office.

Co-ordinate the event – we are trying to keep the format simple but hands on deck are still needed:

Catering – soup kitchen meal – preparing and serving.

Building materials –

We would also like to provide some cubby making materials. Cardboard boxes, poles, sheets, rope, string, greenery, branches, flowers, decorations, cushions etc all gratefully received and can be left at covered side entrance to GHSS school hall next week, or brought to the event before 3 pm Friday.


We need adults and perhaps some BIG KIDS to help the younger children build cubbies, and also to referee any boundary issues, and of course to keep everyone happy and safe.

Collection of materials at the end of the event or the next day would also be appreciated.
• Buy a ticket asap if you would like to join the fun. Sales end Tuesday to allow for tallying of numbers to be catered for.
• Get in contact asap if you would like to join the team of elves that it will take to make this event a success.

Kid’s Town Wish List

Kids activities, games
Music – busking
Lemonade Stall
Luck Dip
Any ideas/ activities to bring life and colour to the event, and possibly raise more donations – are most welcome!!!

Please contact GHSS office for more information.

The Jpeg below can be downloaded and shared online.

Cubbies Xmas flyer

Click here for Pdf download of the flyer above if you wish to print.


This Cubbies for Christmas Fundraising – Kid’s Town Event is a product of conversations between local parents about the true spirit and meaning of Christmas for the upcoming generation in summer, Denmark, WA.

Peace on earth and goodwill to all, unity, joy and good cheer, 2014.

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