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I am the god Thor,

I am the war god,

I am the thunderer,

Here in the Northland

Reign I forever!

This is my hammer,

Mjolnir the mighty,

Giants and sorcerers

Cannot withstand it!

 This week marks the end of our first Norse Myths main lesson (we return to them the at the end of the term). On Friday, the children heard the story of ‘the Theft of Thor’s Hammer’, which we will perform as a play next term. We now begin our second lesson block on Man and Animal, so it is time for the children to get those animal projects happening!

 Later on in the year (October/ November) the Class 5s will be going to Perth to compete at the Greek Olympics held at the Perth Waldorf School.  We have just started our training for it and will all be doing a cross country run every Monday afternoon, so please encourage children to wear sports shoes on Mondays (or at least have some in their bag), as it is not the easiest thing to dash through the bush in gumboots 🙂

 A reminder that all Class 4/ 5 children need to bring a medium pot to school by this Thursday, as we will be making macrame pot plant holders. If anyone has any old chunky wooden beads at home lying around unused (with large holes) we would really appreciate them in class 4/5! Children will also need to bring a small glass jar (complete with lid) to school by Wednesday (23rd).


This last week, many of us in Class 4/5 have come down with the sniffles and sore throats so we indulged in some lemon and honey tea during class on Friday (thanks to our waiters Asher, Caer and Emil). Please remember to send children to school with several layers of clothing as the weather is so unpredictable (but ALWAYS cold at school in the morning!) and keep them home to rest if they seem unwell.

 Have a great week everyone!

 – Eliza-

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