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Welcome back to all under these difficult circumstances. I’m still reeling in shock and deep sadness at the sudden ‘passing’ of  Rebecca, as I’m sure the whole community is. Over the last two years Rebecca has been such a support and inspiration in my life. Her honesty, passion for teaching, selflessness, depth of wisdom and willingness to grow and forgive with an open heart has helped me through my difficult times and challenges. Her selfless, giving nature and reverence for life has been a pillar of ‘goodness’ for the school and a gift to all her students (past and present) that is forever embedded on the wings of eternity -she has left the world a better place.

 I’m so glad she got to see our class play,  The Little Prince and the words  the The Little Prince said when he was  saying goodbye to the pilot:

“It is this body; it is too heavy to take with me. It will be like an abandoned shell, there is nothing sad about shells is there? You know I will look at the stars as well. Do not come any further; I must go on by myself,’ and then the Pilot says,  “Many years have passed, and I do find my sorrow has eased, not entirely but a little. I find myself looking at the stars at night, and I can hear them chiming with laughter.”

 Perhaps they are not stars,

but rather openings in heaven

where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.

 -Eskimo Proverb

 Ben Mackenzie

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