Class 4/5 news

 Hope you all had a lovely relaxing Winter holiday- I know I did 🙂

 We will be kicking off term three with a Maths main lesson on fractions and decimals. This can be quite a challenging area of learning which requires a fair amount of focus and perseverance on behalf of the children so I am hoping to lighten the mood a bit by providing lots of hands-on experiences. We will begin by role-playing Thor ‘fracturing’ a big block of ice, and move onto slicing up fruit, breads and cakes, pizzas, whatever we can!

 I will be doing a bit of cooking with the children during this main lesson but it would be fantastic if parents could send in a ‘food item’ such as an omelette, loaf of bread, cake, soft biscuits, – anything that can be cut up or shared out into fractions! Ideally the class would have one food item to share per day (this main lesson will run for 3 school weeks) so if each family could contribute one plate/item it would work out beautifully- I will put up a roster on the class notice board so that we don’t end up with 10 cakes on one day!

 This looks to be a fairly action-packed term as we have our class camp and class play scheduled towards the end of it, as well as the Spring Festival and Open Day, and hopefully the commencement of our class ukulele program- more info on the next stage of our fundraising next week.

  A reminder that soup days are on Tuesdays and payment for soup can be made to Sabine at the office. Sarah (craft teacher) has taken leave for the term so I will be taking the children for craft on my own this term. Neal will also be away for the first four weeks of term so Gardening lessons will be put on hold unitl he returns (although we might go out and have a bit of a potter and do some weeding)

 I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

 Cheers, Eliza




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