Carpark safety

We ask that all parents and visitors to Golden Hill please observe the following when driving into and parking in our grounds when delivering and collecting children to and from school ;

1) Drive slowly and carefully

2) Staff and Kindergarten Parents only may park in the parking area opposite the office. Please reverse in, and try to park as close as possible to the next car to maximise available space. Parents are asked to collect their children from the grassed area in front of the office, to prevent children running into the carpark unaccompanied.

3) Primary School parents may park in the parking area located in front of the hall.

4) Please observe all “No Parking” signs.

5) Please do not park anywhere around the bus turning circle. There have been incidents of children running across the roadway to their parent’s cars which is unsafe.

Thankyou for helping to keep our  precious children safe by following these rules

The Teachers


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