Blanket Stitch for beginners

Blanket Stitch for beginners

blanket stitch demo

1) Make a stitch that loops around the edge of both sections of felt.

blanket stitch demo

2) Push needle through about 2-3 mil along the hemming line.


blanket stitch

3) Pull thread through. Before tightening the stitch loop needle back through the unfinished stitch. Then pull taught..

Repeat. Always push the needle down from the same side.

The following rhyme may help grown ups too!  

Rhymes to teach handcraft

At the Steiner school handcrafts are presented to the lower school children through memorable rhymes.

When it came to trying to teach this stitch to my pre-kindy child (just turned 4)…my 8 year old had more success than I did; using a rhyme she invented on the spot.  To our surprise our little one picked it up immediately and took great joy in the forming of the stitches even when she made a mistake.

With your needle and thread… ‘Go to the beach the next day ….dig down into the sand…down to the sea…and swim far away…swim back to the beach……and Oh, there’s a little bridge. …Let’s go under the bridge…and home again…’ repeat for the next stitch along… ‘Go to the beach the next day…’

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