A sad Farewell

This term at Golden Hill has begun with deep sadness for the loss of our long-standing primary teacher, Rebecca Pampling. Rebecca came to us in 2006 from Boulder, Colorado in the USA, an experienced Steiner teacher with much to offer our school. Her tireless and loving dedication to many aspects of school life is well-known to teachers and parents, both past and present. For the first four years of her time here, Rebecca taught the senior composite class, from Classes  5-7, and held the primary school through changes of teachers with great strength and stability. In 2010, Rebecca began a new cycle, welcoming a Class One group, who were joined the following year by the graduating preps, and those children form her current Class 2/3. In addition to teaching from a deep understanding of the Steiner curriculum,, Rebecca was involved in many areas of the school, and held many different roles over the years, from applying for grants, to cleaning out the gutters at Busy Bees. Her passion for cleaning out and organising the storage in the school was legendary. On trips to her birth counntry, the US, Rebecca on several occasions spent time sourcing books for the children and had built up an extensive library.

Rebecca had suffered some illness recently, and had tendered her resignation but it was not until she travelled to the US for the holidays to visit her family that she was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer and could only be offered palliative care. She had fully intended to return and complete the last term of teaching her class, whom she loves so much, and had made plans for both her home and school. She was, although unwell, determined to visit her family, and many people have expressed gratitude that she made it there. Her sisters, brother and family were able to give her loving care in the last 10 days of her life, and she was, although not fully conscious, able to hear messages of love from people in Australia and the US, before passing away peacefully in the arms of her family on Saturday 13th October.

The class are now being taught by Mary-Lou (Monday-Thursday) and Christine (Friday) until their new teacher, Ingid arrives next year.

The teachers are planning a memorial for Rebecca, and we will give further details soon.

Love to all who are grieving Rebecca,

Denise on behalf  of Teachers


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