2008 School Performance Information

2008 School Performance Information


In accordance with the Federal Government’s funding requirements the school provides the following information for the 2008 school year.



Golden HillSteiner School’s approach to education is based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner.


The school provided the following level’s of schooling:

     *Playgroup: 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 year olds are provide with two sessions each week

     *Kindergarten: 4, 5, and 6 year olds – students enter kindergarten at the beginning of the

       Year they turn four

     *Primary School: 7 year olds (Class1) to 13 year olds (Class 7)


  1. Professional engagement

a)   Teaching Staff Attendance

The attendance rate is calculated on the basis of the sick and personal leave taken by the teaching staff. The attendance rate for faculty for 2008 was 94.3%.


b)   Teaching Staff Retention

The percentage of teaching staff who returned to the school for the 2008 school year was 75%.


c)  Teacher Qualifications

                All teaching staff were registered as Golden Hill Steiner School

members of the WA College of Teachers and of the  4 full time teachers employed by the school, as well as our teachers aides, relief and craft teachers: the following is a summary of their qualifications;

  1 Associate ship in Art Education

6 Bach of Education

2  Steiner Education

3 Bach of Arts

1 Masters of Arts

1 Bach of Music

                2  Bach of Arts & Diploma Education/Teaching

                2 Diploma in Educational Studies (Learning Difficulties)

2 Dip of Teaching

                        TOTAL: 20

The above includes qualifications obtained overseas. In addition to these qualifications, staff have also undertaken training in Steiner Teaching and /or Steiner principles and philosophies.


d)   Teacher Professional Development

All teaching staff have participated in professional development provided by the school. The total cost of professional development provided for its teaching staff for 2008 was $3790.00.  The average expenditure per teacher (on a head count basis) was $947.50. This does not include the salary cost for staff attending, or the cost of replacement teachers.


The professional development activities provided by the school were as follows:

  • Behaviour Management
  • First Aid Training
  • Vital Years Conference
  • Foundation Studies, Study Group, Rudolph Steiner
  • Transition from Childhood to Adolescence
  • Individual Child Study
  • Vision Workshop with Adrian Glamorgan, and Donald Clark
  • RSSA  Lectures
  • Festival of Voice
  • AISWA Developing Workshops
  • Talking and Listening Four day intensive
  • Steiner Teacher training atRudolfSteinerCollege
  • Bee Master II, Anthroposophical Society Conference
  • Science and Physics


  1. Student Outcomes
  1. a.   Student Attendance

Average daily attendance  for the pre-primary aged student was 88%

Average daily attendance for the primary school student was 87.25%

  1. b.   Bench Mark Testing

The table below sets out the percentage of students in each class who have met the benchmark level as prescribed by the West Australia Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Testing conducted in August 2007.

 No data is shown for Class 3, as in 2008 all parents of these students requested that their child be exempted from the WALNA testing in 2007.

In 2008  one  student sat the tests and  it is not considered appropriate to provide any information for that student.


  1. Value Added

The school adds value to its educational task by not only focussing on our student’s academic development but also their broader development by seeking to awaken child’s innate sense of wonder, awe and reverence for life and to cultivate their capacity for clear thinking, so that they may see that they do have a place in society and have an opportunity to make a contribution to society. In addition to this school seeks to add value through the following:

*Classes 4 to 7 attend an annual class camp

*Festivals 4 per year

*After school music tuition and theory

*Parent Teacher meetings held each term

*Parent Education Workshops and seminars

*School community events arranged by the Parents & Friends Association

*participation in local and nation wide events such as ANZAC day parade, Walk safely to school day, Tree Planting Day

*encouraging and supporting staff activities with other Steiner Schools

*Operating of a playgroup for non school age children

*emphasis on creative play especially in the early childhood years

* A focus on our local and wider environment.


  1. Values the School holds:

A Steiner curriculum is based on a universal pattern of child development. While recognising the diversity of individuals and their cultures, this picture of a common exeperience forms the foundation of the education of the  we offer at golden hillSteinerSchool. There are two key aspects;


a)    The three aspects of the human soul are thinking, feeling and willing. Every aspect of our education seeks to develop a proper relationship between these three faculties, so they may be developed and harmoniously working together in order that each individual may form worthy ideals and carry them out in the world.

b)    Education in our school is also based on the stage of the child, in terms of seven-year cycles, since thinking, feeling and willing do not develop simultaneously but in an unfolding series of cycles. The curriculum is tailored to respond to the needs of children in each stage of childhood. During the first seven years, the child learns mainly through imitation, during the next seven years the child learns through beauty, hence the artistic emphasis that embodies our curriculum. A respect and concern for others is one of the key components of our children’s education here atGoldenHillSteinerSchool.

Reverence and Respect for the Individual Child

Against the background of a common path of development, each child brings a certain individuality. Each child has his own temperament, family environment and destiny to pursue. The central task of our education is to strengthen the individuality of the child to establish faculties that enable the child to relate to the world and other people in a successful way.


Respect and concern for others in the school community

Our school promotes a sensitivity and concern for the well-being of others. Each person is encouraged to be caring and compassionate, and respectful of others. Conflict is seen as an opportunity for growth and is managed constructively.


Participation in a wider community

Our school is an integral part of the Denmark Community and participates in aspects of life in the wider community where possible. At Golden Hill Steiner school we encourage members of the wider community to share aspects of our school life.


Environmental awareness and responsibility

GoldenHillSteinerSchoolis committed to developing an awareness in each person of the interdependence of all elements of the environment. We encourage respect for our natural and cultural heritage. We endeavour to work towards using resources sustain ably and taking responsibility for caring for the school grounds and surrounding environment appropriately.


  1. Teacher, Parent and Student satisfaction

 In 2008, the schools student numbers increased compared to 2007, which shows that the overall parent, student teacher satisfaction is a healthy one allowing and supporting mutual respect and understanding.














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