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Golden Quill 294

294 19 March 2013

Golden Quill 293

293 6 March 2013

See you at the Markets

The Steiner School Community markets are back this Friday 22nd Feb, from 3-5pm This year we are hoping to build on what we established last year by increasing the range of locally grown and produced foods. We are also hoping to have suppliers of garden… Continue reading

From the Office

Please notify the office if your child cannot attend school preferably before 9am. In case you have to take your child to an appointment or pick her/him up earlier, pass by the office to fill out a form. Thank you! We are looking for a… Continue reading

From the School Coordinator

First, thank you all for the happy smiles when greeting me – you have been a wonderful community to enter and I look forward to talking with all of you at some stage.  I can say that since the school is still small enough for… Continue reading

The Golden Quill 292

Golden Quill

Council Update

Even as the school year draws to a close, Council continues to work through a  busy schedule as it prepares for the changes ahead in the new year. The past few months have been dominated by creating the necessary changes to introduce the School Coordinator… Continue reading

Thank You and Farewell

As the school year draws to a close, our thoughts turn to those who will be leaving us. Ben McKenzie has taught our senior class since the beginning of 2011. Ben has been an inspiration to his students, and has shared many gifts to enrich… Continue reading

Doll Making Workshop

I will be holding a short doll making workshop in the Class 4/5 room on Saturday 15th December from 9.30am- 12.30pm. While I am not an expert at the craft and certainly don’t call myself a professional doll-maker, I have muddled my way through quite… Continue reading